Why Choose ?

All my websites are custom built leveraging the powers of Open Source software.

  • Full range of Web Services

    from website planning & design through to development, testing and deployment. While monitoring with alerts of any issues and regular health checks. I manage the full projects life cycle with my core developer skills, I know what's technically possible and how long it will take, which helps to select the best solutions at the right price.

  • Creative Website Design

    I like to design clean websites that balance functionality and visual aesthetics. Focusing on responsive design, I ensure your website will look great on any device by adapting to the screen size and resolution.

  • Website Development

    I've always enjoyed writing code and problem solving the most. A specialist developer in both frontend browser technologies, making things look pretty and interactive, while also building a strong knowledge and wide range of experience at the backend with server based technologies such as PHP and Node.js. I can build completely custom web applications to highest coding standards from W3C to PSR. Also utilising the powers of open source software tailored to your business needs and goals.

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    gives you control to easily make changes to your website without technical knowledge. I've built, customised and upgraded lots of CMS websites either using a custom built solution or open source project (few of the most popular I've worked with: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Silverstripe, Concrete5).

  • E-Commerce Web Shops

    specalist with lots of experience building web shops with open source shopping carts such as: Opencart, Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce. I'm able to fully customise the store to increase your productivity and sell more. This has ranged from order/product management, custom payment/shipping api integration, comprehensive analytics to calculate checkout abandonment I have been building & selling add-on plugins for these where they have become some of the most popular commercially purchased plugins and used on 1000s of store all around the world.

  • Custom built Website Applications

    are built to your exact requirements which are robust, scalable, and high-performance application. Bespoke applications are usually built on top of an open source libraries such as Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony all with less built into features but more control for a tailored software to make working with it easier for you. Specialise in building relation databases and user interface that fits your requirements.

  • Enterprise level Shared and Private Hosting

    that's scalable cloud computing allowing your website to up scale when your website needs it under high load/traffic. I maintain a local website server that's update with the latest software and performance optimisation, great for local businesses in Yorkshire and the UK. Or I can setup and configure: a virtual or dedicated private server, an elastic amazon web server, or another shared web hosting usually with cpanel or similar. Web hosting is configured and tailor exactly to your needs be this for automated email replying, backups, monitoring, custom E-Mail servers or cloud setup with office365, google web apps, zoho mail. If it's possible I can learn how.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    websites that naturally rank well. I do this by building a structure website, that is fully compliant and to highest standards. Helping boost your SEO rankings further with rich snippets for reviews, products, events etc in the search results. This helps search engines better understand your content and stand out in search results.

  • Open Source Software & Commercially Purchased Themes/Plugins

    gives you an off-the-shelf solution that can suits most small websites but it can sometimes be bloated with extra features that you don't need slowing things down needing a developer to try speeding up and customising. Also with they do need to be kept updated more regularly then a custom built software because any security bugs are usually publicised giving easy access to a hacker if your website is out dated.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    building a seperate AMP website provides extermely fast loading, improve search engine ranking and visibility. Mobile browsing has become so popular and important to online business that a responsive site is not always best especially if it's a resource heavy. Find out more

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing

    I can help you establish achievable goals and implement a strategic social media presence. Or build your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, develop a responsive html email newsletter.

  • Friendly & helpful support

    I can trace and fix bugs on your existing website while providing on-going support for your business. I'm work from home and available to help 24hrs a day if needed.

  • Wide range of skills & experience

    anything I've not done before I can easily learn and find out if it's possible by writing test scripts. Experience with responsive html email design, static html(still the best for simple sites), psd to html/cms, facebook langing pages, domain name/hosting changes, legal screen scrapping/data mining.

  • Technologies

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SASS/LESS, PHP, Node.js, Responsive Website Design (RWD), Material Design

  • Project management


  • Dedicated & expert freelance web developer

    over 13 years self-employed running my own company, I've become a trusted developer working for my own clients and other website companies. Enjoy working from home without office distractions and beautiful Peak District surroundings, while the flexible hours allow me to work fast getting the job done.

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